The new Ambrogio AI range has arrived on the market, pushing the boundaries of innovation beyond the future

Impeccable gardens with robotic lawnmowers powered by Artificial Intelligence

Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, a pioneer in technological innovation, continues to push boundaries by innovating its flagship product, Ambrogio, the robotic lawnmower. The company is now launching a new line equipped with the most advanced technologies powered by artificial intelligence.

Ambrogio AI represents the tangible future of home gardening: an intelligent robot that quickly and independently learns and comprehends with the aid of artificial intelligence, enhancing its efficiency and performance. This advancement translates to reduced working time and greater precision in grass cutting.

Ambrogio AI becomes a genuine garden assistant.

The Artificial Intelligence of Ambrogio AI: All-In One and All Made in Italy

Driven by artificial intelligence, the Ambrogio AI Powered robotic lawnmower represents a bold leap into the future. The All-In One model combines the RTK satellite system with Zucchetti Centro Sistemi technologies to deliver unmatched precision in grass cutting. Each component of Ambrogio AI is Made in Italy, guaranteeing quality, authenticity and the distinctive Italian style. “Made in Italy” is a mark of excellence that also embodies values of sustainability and social responsibility.

Technological Heart and Artificial Intelligence: AI’m Ambrogio

Ambrogio AI is a perfect blend of technology and artificial intelligence, offering an unprecedented gardening experience. By merging Zucchetti Centro Sistemi's proprietary sensors and the RTK satellite system with advanced cloud data management, real-time lawn mapping, and an optimised cutting system, Ambrogio AI embodies a reality that goes beyond the future.

Multi-technological and Revolutionary

The cutting system without perimeter wire and exclusive smart technology makes Ambrogio AI a multi-technology line that adapts to different garden shapes and sizes. The integration of the RTK sensor technology with real-time precision corrections allows it to virtually map the work area and continuously optimise the cutting algorithm.

Unique Advantages of Ambrogio AI for the Garden

Ambrogio AI garden assistants outperform traditional lawn mowers with their practicality, speed, durability and precision. Ambrogio AI allows you to change the working area faster, giving you more time to enjoy a well-maintained garden. Backed by knowledge of precision positioning, Ambrogio AI ensures resistance and precision, catering to specific configurations for each cutting area.

Some models from the 4.0, 4.36 and 4.50 platforms will enter the Ambrogio AI range.

Beyond the Future: Cloud, Mapping, Post Editing - The Three Standout Features of Ambrogio AI

Ambrogio AI technology stands out for its cloud system, lawn mapping and post-editing capabilities. The fixed antenna continuously saves data coordinates to a cloud platform, improving Ambrogio AI's positioning via a 4G connection. Each robot has access to correction data from an antenna within a 15-kilometre radius, with no theoretical limit to the number of robots that can use data from the same antenna. Real-time lawn mapping and customisable post-editing features enable flexible cutting configurations to suit any need.

No Signal, No Problem: Ambrogio AI's Advanced Technology Overcomes Obstacles

Ambrogio AI never stops. In instances where an RTK signal is absent, advanced sensor technology enables the robot to continue moving within the work area, detecting edges and any exclusion areas. The possibility of integrating a perimeter wire offers a comprehensive solution, guaranteeing an impeccable lawn even in hard-to-reach areas.

For those seeking the pinnacle of home gardening innovation, Ambrogio AI is the answer. With its advanced technology and Italian design, Ambrogio AI promises to transform your garden into an exceptional space that goes beyond the future.

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