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Tiemme Toscana Mobilità

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Tiemme Toscana Mobilità was founded in 2010 through the amalgamation of four companies. Based in Arezzo, it manages local public transport services in the region of Tuscany. Tiemme’s mission is to guarantee high-quality transport services to the people within its territory, protecting the environment and making use of innovative technologies.

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ZCS has built a solution tailored to the needs of Tiemme: “Cassiopea – RDA Richieste d'Acquisto e Budget”. The management is entrusted to the opening of “Practices” whose paths are tracked by a freely configurable workflow engine. The practices contain a history of all the business steps performed by the various working groups, users, notes, attachments, etc. A traffic analysis module allows identifying the speed in which the practices move between the various offices, finding potential bottlenecks and optimising the work. The practices contain the steps carried out by the various offices that take over the practice during its course, without the need to refer to individual users. It is possible to retrieve information, such as the times expected to perform a step or the operating instructions or modules to be used depending on the specific context. The case records of the RDA can request authorisations to be evaluated based on compliance with an expense budget for the sector, whose approval is reserved for some users. For this purpose, the composition of a budget by type of expense and operation is available, whose amount can be reduced by the value assigned to the RDA practices once approved. An expense “commitment” can be made during the approval process, which can then be confirmed or released according to the decision taken. The program uses web-based technologies and enables the preparation of historical statistics of the various practices, as well as immediate control of the step in which each practice is found.

Tiemme Toscana Mobilità

Tiemme Toscana Mobilità

Four Tuscan public transport companies have joined forces to create an organisation with more than one thousand employees and a fleet of over 800 buses. Unity is strength, but it also creates the need for a new unified system to manage the purchasing processes. An integrated system able to ensure that each request follows the right approval procedure, while keeping within budgets and times.

This need was met with Cassiopea, developed by ZCS together with Tiemme technicians.

Users involved in the process can now access Cassiopea (online) and see their practices, confirm them with a simple click and move the practice forward, making sure it complies with the assigned budgets.

Customer Feedback

The management of the request times and operating times have been streamlined, and the statistics provided allow Tiemme to control the costs, times and efficiency of the various offices, thus ensuring the quality of the work, compliance with the budget and centralised supervision of this large structure.  Cassiopea is user-friendly and offers numerous possibilities to enter documentation for each purchase request and its consultation. Compliance with the budget is now much more accurate, taking into account both the status of the purchase requests and the orders issued.
Mauro Pallari

Mauro Pallari IT Manager - Tiemme Toscana Mobilità

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