Green Innovation

Green Innovation

Business Unit dedicated to renewable energies and the most innovative solutions arising from the integration of ideas and technologies for improving operational efficiency and energy conservation of individuals and enterprises.

Its state of the art inverter, single-phase and three-phase, combines ZCS-brand “IT” and “smart” intelligence with advanced electronic technology to create a new concept of photovoltaic inverter. Accumulation systems, solutions for smart homes and energy conservation solutions have also been added.

We believe in a technology that combines opportunities of hyper-connectivity and cloud with a new, more efficient idea of energy, but above all, in a technology that preserves the environment for generations to come. In our first year of activity, we have distributed almost 10,000 Azzurro systems, the latest generation photovoltaic inverter that combines ZCS “IT” and “Smart” intelligence with advanced electronic technology developed by our partner Sofarsolar.  We would like to help create a green-coloured world with Azzurro, where everyone will be able to produce, accumulate and consume energy exactly when they need it with our highly advanced accumulation systems, which in just a few months have become a leader in the Italian market.
Averaldo Farri

Averaldo Farri Division Director - INN

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