Automation Solutions

Automation Solutions

Develops and distributes systems to track and monitor items for the industrial, healthcare, hospitality, service and environmental sectors; with the aim of guaranteeing safety and savings. 

  • Industrial tracking solutions that combine RFID and B/C technology. 
  • Each project is tailored to the customer’s requirements and needs.
  • Experience + Know How to create machinery, middleware and management software.
After managing the workflows of thousands of industrial laundries around the world with our automated distribution systems, we have focused our attention on the needs of our partners in different industries that require greater control, management savings, efficiency, less dispersion and safety in handling. We have therefore developed software and hardware solutions that control and manage the flows, stocks and management of laundry items, work uniforms, linen, and any product whose movements need to be tracked. Even our assistance service is super smart: we offer cloud services to control the systems after installation and to overcome any local infrastructure barriers. The latest ground-breaking innovative product is the smartruck, a smart truck that allows tracking goods on the move. We can really say that we are tracking the future!
Roberto Scaramelli

Roberto Scaramelli Division Manager - ATD

years of experience in the automation sector
years of experience in RFID technology
million items tracked with our solutions
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