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Sepi Formaggi

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Sepi Formaggi, a leader in the production of typical Sardinian pecorino cheese (i.e. the celebrated “Fioretto”) has been operating in the dairy industry for over thirty years. It offers a variety of high quality products obtained by combining old traditional Sardinian recipes with modern technology and by focusing on the needs of customers. Its extensive knowledge of the agro-pastoral industry has allowed the company to formulate solutions that not only protect the special quality of the island's milk, with intelligent processes of collection, transformation and distribution, but also guarantee traceability of the entire production chain. Se.Pi. Formaggi is a member of various consortiums for the production of PDO cheeses such as Fiore Sardo, Pecorino Sardo and Pecorino Romano. The SePi Company has obtained the IFS Food Certificate.

Project Information

ERP Teseo 7 Milk has allowed SePi to evolve and optimise every stage of its production process: collections, milk quality analysis, invoicing of milk, production, storage-seasoning, marketing of the product. The company was quick to see the advantages and capabilities of the Teseo 7 Milk software in terms of efficiency, control, operation and integration at every stage of the process. The ZCS Milk Collection App allows managing the collections in an innovative manner, even without an internet connection.

Sepi Formaggi

Sepi Formaggi

SePi Formaggi was looking for an ERP solution that could adapt to its operations and develop its internal processes.

The decision was based on important aspects such as the advanced management of collections (through the ZCS Milk Collection App) and the innovative control of stocks and the seasoning process.

Tradition and innovation: these two values united Zucchetti Centro Sistemi and Sepi Formaggi.

Customer Feedback

We are proud of the results obtained and of being a pioneer in Sardinia for the production and preservation of the characteristics and quality of the products. Our principals have always been driven by our love for the Island and deep knowledge of its traditions, as well as customer satisfaction. We chose ZCS because they understood the spirit of our company, and helped us to enhance and evolve our strengths by projecting us into the future.
Piera Carau

Piera Carau Administration manager - Sepi Formaggi

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