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Since 1968, the Loccioni Group has been researching, designing and developing innovative solutions to improve the quality, efficiency and sustainability of products, processes and buildings. “Measuring to improve” is the commitment of the Loccioni Group; solutions and systems are designed according to the customer’s needs, integrating measurement and control instruments, automation, information technology and energy-efficiency solutions. The expertise of the Group is distributed across five Business Units: Industry, Mobility, Energy, Environment and Humancare with other strategic sectors currently being evaluated.

Project Information

The HR Management project was developed first, and then the project on Occupational Health and Safety.  With the HR Infinity suite, ZCS has implemented the management of the organisation, recruiting, payroll management and personnel evaluation, interfacing with third-party payroll and BI systems. This was made possible with the valuable collaboration and expertise of Loccioni technicians. In addition, the HR Safety Solution enables mapping and implementing the various company processes related to legislative decree no. 81/08 on occupational health and safety.

Loccioni Group

Loccioni Group

Over the years, Loccioni has used a rather basic HRMS and decided to adopt a more comprehensive and efficient technological solution in order to better support the growth of the Group through a more precise and sophisticated management of its human resources.

After exploring the solutions available, Loccioni opted for ZCS, a partner whose history, passion and organisation is very similar to its own and who could offer a solution perfect to suit their needs: HR Infinity.

The adoption of HR Infinity has the great advantage of allowing our internal HR management system to be used by all collaborators and not only by the team.

Customer Feedback

Compared to the past, we are now able to manage different aspects of the life of the collaborator (salaries, assessments, training, occupational safety) relying on a single database. We perceived Zucchetti and ZCS’s desire to support us through the constant development of the solutions offered in a world, like that of HR, in continuous evolution
Alessandro Regini

Alessandro Regini Human Resources - Loccioni People Team - Loccioni Group

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