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Il Ponte Pelletteria (The Bridge)

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The “Ponte Pelletteria” is best known for its brand, The Bridge. This Italian company specialises in the production of high-end leather goods and accessories. From the beginning, the collections were distinguished by a classic, sober style with meticulous attention to the quality and details.

Project Information

The new ERP Teseo 7 Fashion system by ZCS has allowed us to eliminate batch/off line procedures reserved for Data Processing Centres, and to define an integrated system able to cope with the new demands. The implementation of web-based applications, all integrated within a single company portal [Cassiopea by ZCS], has improved the efficiency of relations with agents (e.g. change from batch-FTP procedures to an online procedure for taking orders from showrooms across Europe), customers (e.g. management of after-sales service integrated in the ERP) and suppliers (e.g. larger ones send the leather directly with the relative barcodes). The new system has also brought innovative advantages to the internal management processes becoming an effective support in the company’s decision-making processes at an operational level (e.g. the Doc Finance solution helps to manage corporate treasury), at a management level (e.g. Info Business by Zucchetti offers numerous tools for the multidimensional and interactive analysis of data and for ad-hoc querying of the database and creation of reports), and at a strategic level (e.g. ZCS Balanced Scorecard supports the best understanding of the business and overall performances of the company, instrumental for implementing the most consistent and effective management processes aimed at fulfilling the corporate strategies).

The MSFA Cassiopea App was introduced in early 2015 on tablets given to all "Il Ponte” sales agents. The App allows them to access the main information on their customers (actual or potential) via smartphones and tables, anywhere and anytime. It also enables them to consult customer reports, find telephone numbers, contacts, orders and payments. ZCS CRM Mobile APP makes it possible for agents to consult the product catalogue by code and picture, with the possibility of also activating more than one catalogue at the same time, and of entering customer orders even if there is no internet connection.

Il Ponte Pelletteria (The Bridge)

Il Ponte Pelletteria (The Bridge)

The choice of ZCS was made after long and careful analysis, and was motivated, according to the Commission, by not only the features and quality of the product offered and its specific vertical layout for the fashion industry, but above all based on the service guaranteed by ZCS and specifically, the guarantee of an ongoing future relationship.

The implementation of web-based applications led to an improvement in the efficiency of relations with customers and stakeholders, both internal and external.

Customer Feedback

Numerous advantages were gained with the introduction of the Cassiopea MSFA App; the first is the ease in which the catalogues are downloaded and displayed on the tablets of the agents deployed across the territory, but also internal staff who participate in trade fairs. The elimination of the old “gun” system used to encode the items has lightened the load of the personnel, who no longer have to perform this cumbersome operation.
Lucio Starita

Lucio Starita Edp Manager - Il Ponte Pelletteria (The Bridge)

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