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Gruppo Gabrielli

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The Gabrielli Group was founded in 1953 in the historical Piazza Roma in Ascoli Piceno. Brick by brick, the group has been able to build a relationship of trust with the consumer that represents its greatest capital; more important than the 160 shops, the 8 shopping centers that manages, the modern equipment of the distribution centers, detailed and organized

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The implementation of a BalancedScorecard (BSC) has given the Gabrielli Group a dashboard of indicators that can be used by top management to constantly monitor the variables critical for the company’s success and to measure the results obtained from the implementation of strategy.  The indicators can be divided into four perspectives – financial, customer, internal processes, innovation and learning – and enable a clear representation and formulisation of the business strategy, as well as constant monitoring of its implementation.  With the use of the BSC, the Gabrielli Group has considerably strengthened its information system, obtaining information that is increasingly more accurate, timely and focused on strategic issues that are needed by dynamic and ever-changing markets like the current one.

Gruppo Gabrielli

Gruppo Gabrielli

Since 2011, Gabrielli Group has been pursuing a path of renewal and modernisation of its information-accounting tools to support its decision-making processes. The project for the design and implementation of a BalancedScorecard (BSC) was inserted into this path to promote strategic alignment.

The entire project was guided and supported by Live Srl, a spin-off of the University of Marche specialised in strategic and organisational management consulting services and in the implementation of management control systems and economic evaluation of intangibles.

The ZCS Balanced Scorecard has provided the Gabrielli Group with an easy-to use, but effective tool in the management of Balanced Scorecards.

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The product’s web-based architecture allows easily sharing information and displaying the measures and respective areas of improvement in real time, throughout the company. This enables the company to focus on the mission and objectives of the Group, spreading in a clear and effective manner a results-oriented culture.
Dino Di Carmine

Dino Di Carmine Systems and Control Director - Gruppo Gabrielli

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