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Domina Vacanze

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Domina Vacanze was born in 1988 from an idea by Ernesto Preatoni, and evolved from the old timeshare business: no more mini-apartments, only suites in 4 and 5 star hotels located in very prestigious locations. The Formula of the “Domina Vacanza” Hotel Ownership offers the opportunity to purchase, for a minimum period of one week per year, a suite in a prestigious location at the sea, in the mountains or cities of art.

Project Information

Domina Vacanze manages thousands of real estate sales contracts, trade-in contracts and leases to private individuals, which requires the quick retrieval of printed information and management information in the company, branches and hotels via web. ZCS has implemented a system for the scanning and optical management of paper documents (contracts, receipts, notices) and for combining the physical file to the logic structure (ERP “Teseo 7 Holiday”). The software also allows, via web, to recover and streamline information on customers or articles or contracts. Cassiopea was designed with a vertical layout that allows customers-members of the Domina Club to manage their properties online in complete autonomy. In fact, they can connect to the Domina portal and, for example, enter into a rental agreement or exchange the property with others in the Domina circuit.

Domina Vacanze

Domina Vacanze

The choice of ZCS was motivated not only by the characteristics of the products offered, but above all by their high possibility of “verticalisation.”

In fact, an analysis of the specific needs of Domina Vacanza led the ZCS team to customise the Teseo 7 and Cassiopea software to suit the needs of the customer.

Our organisational structure requires a software solution that can optimise the flow of information inside the head office, as well as the branches and hotels via the web.

Customer Feedback

Thanks to the advice and support of the ZCS team, our management needs were met with the development of Teseo 7 Holiday. We also wanted a web-based product that could provide customers with an innovative, user-friendly and easy-to-consult service. ZCS’s customisation of Cassiopea perfectly addressed our requests, providing us with an agile and simple tool that fully meets the needs of our customers.
Nicola Cighetti

Nicola Cighetti CEO - Domina Vacanze

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