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The Consortium was established on 11 February 2004 on the initiative of the “Comitato Promotore Pane Toscano DOP.” It has the aim of protecting and promoting the “Pane Toscano a Lievitazione Naturale” (Naturally Leavened Tuscan Bread), while supporting the procedure for the recognition of PDO Tuscan Bread in accordance with article 5 of Council Regulation no. 510/2006 and subsequently Regulation no. 1151/2012. The Bread Quality is guaranteed by the control system adopted by the Consortium, which covers the entire production chain. From grains originating exclusively from Tuscany to flours guaranteed by Tuscan flourmills, to bakeries belonging to the Consortium, who scrupulously and voluntarily follow the guidelines on the production of PDO Tuscan Bread using only flour, water and natural yeast, pending the final approval of the Community. “Pane Toscano a Lievitazione Naturale” is marketed by bakers who belong to the Consortium, identified by a mark placed directly on formats of 500 g, 1 kg and 2 Kg which identifies the traceability of the chain. This will subsequently be replaced by the PDO label (expected within the current year, 90 days after publication in the European Official Journal of 14 August, 2016)

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The ZCS project aims at ensuring a traceability system for the production of naturally leavened bread. Starting from the seeds, a product batch is created with automatic creation of the article code.  All the players involved in the supply chain (farmers, grain storage companies, flour mills and bakeries) access an online portal (Cassiopea) where they record all the operations relating to a given batch (loading or unloading of warehouse, transformation of raw materials into product/semi-finished product, changes in stock, etc.) . This allows tracking all the events and movements relating to the batch. The Consortium collects all the data through the ERP Teseo 7 system and processes it in order to guarantee the PDO mark. This label contains a code for tracking the entire production chain relating to a specific batch: from the raw material, to the milling, to the making of the bread.

Consorzio Pane Toscano

Consorzio Pane Toscano

The Tuscan Bread Consortium chose ZCS due to the company’s commitment to develop customised and user-friendly software solutions, which is crucial for the involvement of all players in the supply chain and for the success of the entire project.

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Based on our needs, ZCS has developed a customised web-based solution that allows us to easily and safely map all the phases relating to a specific batch of PDO Tuscan Bread. In fact, from the raw material, to the milling right through to the making of the bread, the entire "story” of the batch is recorded by the software, which is then highlighted in the final label by means of a traceability code.
Roberto Pardini

Roberto Pardini "Tuscan Bread Consortium" Director - Consorzio Pane Toscano

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