"We go where others give-up”

Montevarchi Stadium - Launching the new carbon jewel Ambrogio Robot L 400

Sunday the 21st of April, ZCS presented officially the L400, the new carbon jewel, at the stadium of Montevarchi. Ambrogio, the most technological robotic mower. The event was holded exclusively for the,l Zucchett team i of which over 300 italian dealers took part. It was a great opportunity to show the results of new and major investments the robotic division made in the last months. 2 days of presentation in order to show the participants the technical characteristics of the new product and training the service and sales technicians. The L400 is the maximum force, the maximum precision, maximum size,in other words the top of the range. The L400 completes the Ambrogio package; It has been designed to cover big areas (beyond 10.000 sqm of lawn, such as parks, golf courses or football fields) in the shortest time possible. It is equipped with Touchscreen, Bluetooth Remote Console, Gps, SMS for monitoring and alert, rain sensor, patented wheels to allow a perfect grip on dry or wet ground, tilting arms cube system an innovative navigation system characterized by the gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer. The use of carbon fiber enriches and embellishes the L400. So great technical performance, along with a stylish design and high quality which confirm the style Made in Italy. "The L400 puts in the field the results of our efforts in terms of innovation and research - says Paolo Burali sales director of the Division of Robotics ZCS - The machine is equipped with super optionals designed and developed by our Idea Laboratory , and is elegant, sturdy, but lightweight, simple in installation and repair but sophisticated in design. It is placed in a niche market of high-end where the competitors will have difficulty achieving our standards. The hope is that the L400 will become the flagship product that will help to strengthen the position of the other Ambrogio products. " And in the meantime he already won the first international awards, the L400 will receive the silver medal as an innovative product of the fair Demopark & Demogolf 2013. We go where others give-up, the slogan that represents the company philosophy.

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