ZCS Azzurro at Intersolar Europe 2024

19Th-21Th June-Hall B4.550

Zucchetti Centro Sistemi's (ZCS) Green Innovation Division will be at Hall B4.550 during Intersolar Europe, the world's leading exhibition for the solar industry, which will take place in Germany from 19 to 21 June 2024. ZCS will showcase an expanding array of products during the exhibition. In the space dedicated to ZCS solutions, visitors can explore the complete range of ZCS Azzurro products, particularly for the commercial and industrial sectors. They will also find new solutions for the residential and electric mobility sectors, along with important innovations related to sustainability.


In early 2024, with the aim of strengthening its competitiveness in the Austrian and German markets, ZCS acquired a majority stake in ZZ Robotics GmbH, an established Austrian partner of the Azzurro brand. This strengthened partnership will benefit the extensive sales network of dealers and installers, who can now rely on the direct supply of their products and the reliability and professionalism of the ZCS team.

“We welcome with enthusiasm and satisfaction the agreement reached with the top management of ZCS,” says ZZ Robotics CEO Siegwald Töfferl. “This new agreement is primarily aimed at bolstering trust with our customers, providing them with quality services and advanced technical support in both pre-and post-sales phases,” Töfferl concludes.

“This operation marks a significant step in our strategic efforts to increase our competitiveness in the Austrian, German and Switzerland markets,” declares Averaldo Farri, Division Director of ZCS Green Innovation. “With ZCS Azzurro, we offer reliability and professionalism, and we are confident that this collaboration will bring tangible benefits for our customers and elevate our standing in the industry. It reaffirms our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation.”


The Intersolar Europe Exhibition is also an opportunity to present the prestigious Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) certification recently obtained by ZCS Azzurro. This certification highlights the company's commitment to maintaining quality standards and promoting environmental sustainability through its policies and practices. This achievement underscores the company's continuous efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its products and operations.

ZCS Azzurro's Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) complies with the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) managed by EPD Italy. It aims to assess and quantify the environmental impact of products throughout their entire life cycle, from the purchase of raw materials to production, transportation, use, disposal and recycling at the end of their useful life.

"The LCA certification is a valuable tool in developing innovative products that contribute to a fair and sustainable energy transition. This study is also essential for understanding how we can achieve the ambitious goals we have set for ourselves in terms of production quality and sustainability,” says Averaldo Farri, Division Director of the ZCS Green Innovation Division. “Having such a comprehensive analysis tool at our disposal allows us to devise strategies to reduce the consumption and CO2 emissions of our products,” Farri concludes.

“Participating in the Intersolar exhibition gives us the opportunity to openly share our sustainability achievements and best practices with partners, customers and stakeholders,” adds Riccardo Filosa, Sales Director of ZCS's Green Innovation Division. “We eagerly await visitors to our stand to learn more about the environmental performance of our products, demonstrating our tangible commitment to sustainability.”


The new Power Magic system will be presented during the exhibition. This outdoor retrofit system is ideal for high-power industrial installations. The system can be modulated according to each customer's needs and is available with power options ranging from 1.25 kW to 750 kW and capacities from 250 kWh to 1.5 MWh. Power Magic is equipped with a fire-extinguishing system with integrated sensors and monitoring features, as well as liquid cooling system. Installation is simple thanks to the user-friendly Plug & Play system.


During 2024, the ZCS Azzurro range of electric vehicle charging products was expanded to include AC and DC charging solutions and high-power modular stations. The entire range of EV chargers for residential, commercial and industrial sectors will be showcased during the event. This includes Caro 7 and 11 Kw AC wall boxes, a simple DC 30 kW wall box that mounts on the wall and provides excellent flexibility, and ground stations ranging from 60 to 120 kW, which can be configured with different charging options.


During the Intersolar exhibition, visitors to the ZCS Azzurro stand can also look forward to a rich calendar of events highlighting the latest innovations:


3:00 pm: Presentation of ZCS Azzurro's Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in GERMAN


3:00 pm: Presentation of POWER MAGIC in GERMAN

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