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Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, growing up with Innovation and Green Technology

Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, growing up with Innovation and Green Technology

From software to robotics, from automation to renewable energy: this is the explanation why…

The Birth of a New Strategic Business Unit

2016 has been registered as the 4.0 year with the introduction of new technologies in the process and ZCS branded products; 2017 is the year of Green Technology.A new business, a new division, a new team of industry professionals which combines perfectly the mission of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, the multi divisional company of Valdarno awarded for its innovative and performing products (and processes): smart technology, high degree of innovation, information technology and energy efficiency integration.

And alongside the well-established divisions dedicated to the software for companies and healthcare, robotics and automation sectors, was formed a real division dedicated to renewable energies. The Innovation Division has been introduced into the market with the ZCS Azzurro: the latest generation inverter that combines the ZCS branded “computer” and “smart” intelligence to the advanced electronic technology to create a new concept for PV inverters. Moreover we have to add accumulation systems, solutions for smart home and for the energy saving.

 “The decision to invest in renewable energy is a strategic choice dictated by the vision of the photovoltaic market: a healthy market, less affected by the incentive rates than in the past, optimal industrial products got from consolidated process and skilful operators on the market”, says the President Mr. Fabrizio Bernini.  “The good results obtained in few months of 2016 with the distribution on the domestic market of our ZCS Blue Color are a good basis for the future growth of this new division caring for the commercial management of industry experts” continues Mr. Bernini.

“The entrance into ZCS means a lot to me: first, it is the approval of a business plan that fully convinced me, conceived and developed together with the President Bernini” declares Averaldo Farri the new Division Manager of ZCS.  “The goal is ambitious and aims to play an increasing role as a protagonist in the photovoltaic industry thanks to the enlargement of the product portfolio, the development of the international sales network and consequently the growth of the installation of our products in the world” continues Farri. “In addition, the renewable Energy sector has rooted in the Valdarno area, where I was born, for many years; I have acquired skills as a leader in the industry where I live and I hope it will bring opportunities for growth and development for the whole local product and beyond” .

New Branch in Perugia for Software Division

For over 30 years on the Italian market, the Software Division represents the ZCS know-how: thanks to computer skills, the innovative and technological spirit  of the whole team, the company has become the largest major technology partner for small and big companies operating in different sectors, offering advice and assistance within the ZCS products and in the design and development of integrated solutions for industrial automation and robotics. After the opening of the branches in Emilia Romagna (Parma) and Sardinia (Sassari, Nuoro and Cagliari) ZCS is further strengthened and becomes a reference point in central Italy for consulting and software support thanks to the acquisition of the company branch of Plan Informatica Perugia and the inclusion in workforce of all the commercial and technical staff. The SWD has over 80 employees, offers more than 100 software solutions, 1,000 customers.

A New "Green Smart and Innovative" building

Works for the new technological and ecofriendly ZCS branded building will start in a short time.  Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, with two contiguous buildings in Lungarno Street in Terranuova Bracciolini, will enlarge its headquarter with the construction of a building of more than 3,000 square meters.

“The new building which will replace the former ex-Agriglass sheds has been planned to concentrate in a single modern, functional and eco-friendly space the whole ZCS robotics department” announces Fabrizio Bernini President and Founder of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi.

Arranged on two levels, it will host design, production, marketing and after sales services of Ambrogio, the leader lawn mower robot and Nemh2o the cleaning pool and the robots of future dedicated to agriculture, logistics, sea transport that ZCS develops within the R & D Laboratory of Ideas.

“The inauguration of the Robotic Building is planned for the end of 2017 – says Bernini – the architectural project involves not only the factory building but even the urban area and helps improve and enrich our territory in the heart of Tuscany” proudly continues the President Bernini.   “The economic and financial investment is consistent but I feel important and ethically correct providing the enterprise itself and the territory hosting it and that has allowed the growth of efficient structures and works of primary urban and mobility as well as industrial development”.

The need to expand the premises was born as a result of the success that the ZCS innovative solutions are proving both in Italy and abroad and the consequent increase in term of turnover, number of employees and business associates occurred in recent years.

2016, 4.0  ZCS continues to grow up

The good results achieved by the 5 company divisions allow to go over 54 million Euros in sales in 2016 (estimates), urged by the export share that is over 65%. In terms of percentage, even the gross business margin has a double-digit growth. Even the human resources increase: 210 people including many young people under 35, managers, employees and industry executives. The Research & Development, the Laboratory of Ideas with over 30 computer, electronic and mechanical technicians and designers get stronger. The human capital turns out to be the winning weapon for ZCS driven by shared company values: creativity, enthusiasm, passion, responsibility for its work, ethics and respect for the individual.

The Future According to ZCS

A 4.0 company: innovative, projected into the future, sensitive to its origin and territory which continues to grow under the sign of technology, environmental sustainability and Energy conservation.

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