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ZCS, still record numbers

ZCS, still record numbers

An Excellent outlook for 2023 Record numbers at the end of the year for Zucchetti Centro Sistemi…

Located in the Valdarno area of Arezzo and with decentralised offices in the Tyrrhenian area of Tuscany (Pisa), Emilia (Parma), Sardinia (Sassari, Nuoro and Cagliari) and Perugia, as well as subsidiaries in Piedmont, Lombardy, Veneto and Campania, ZCS is divided into five Business Units (software, automation, healthcare, robotics and renewable energy) that offer advanced technological solutions in the various sectors in which they operate. The aim is to provide customers, whether companies or private individuals, with savings in terms of costs and time, while respecting the health and safety of people and the environment.

From digital technology to renewable energy, from cloud-based software to the artificial intelligence of robotic products, from the sustainability of hybrid photovoltaic systems to data tracking and monitoring systems, from sensors to the Internet of Things, from energy platforms to new satellite navigation systems, the ZCS Group has been able to seize new opportunities at the most difficult time of digital and energy transition.

Over the past three years, the company's turnover and results of the divisions have soared from 97 million euros in 2020 to more than 660 million euros (estimated) in 2022. Triple-digit growth rates for the second year in a row (+167% compared to 2021). Numbers that have far exceeded the forecasts made at the beginning of the year.

The size of the organisational structure has also grown both in Tuscany and in other Italian districts. In total, the ZCS Group has more than 500 employees, more than half of whom belong to the new generations, whose average age does not exceed 40 years. In 2022 alone, 55 new resources joined the Valdarno-based company, while another 90 joined the group's galaxy through recent acquisitions and mergers.


Three important corporate operations took place in recent weeks with a view to strengthening ZCS People, the HR centre of excellence, and Italy's leading HR management centre in terms of resources and geographic reach.

- The incorporation of HR Factory, Zucchetti's HR Top Partner in Bientina (PI), into the ZCS structure has been completed, becoming the Tyrrhenian branch, a reference site on the Tuscan coast and nearby Liguria. The new branch will therefore add to the company's baggage of expertise and local knowledge with a team of more than 20 application consultants and technical representatives.

- Majority acquisition of Alpha Sistemi, which, together with its 50 employees represents a reality of excellence in Zucchetti's HR universe and completes the group's presence in Northern Italy, with offices in Milan, Turin and Brescia.

- Acquisition of a majority of the share capital of HR Sud, another highly experienced Zucchetti HR Top Partner, which will have the opportunity to interact directly with ZCS People Customers in Southern Italy.

-The company expansion aims to strengthen technical skills in the field of human resources and to cover the Italian territory in a capillary manner with specific manufacturing districts in order to offer tailor-made consulting and support services.

FUTURE INVESTMENTS: Infrastructure & Human Capital

“The excellent economic and financial results are the result of a long-term strategy based on innovation and the strength in our way of doing business,” says President Cav. Lav. Fabrizio Bernini, who has been leading Zucchetti Centro Sistemi since 1985, pursuing the objective of creating value and developing a technological innovation centre in the Valdarno area of Arezzo. “I foresee further development for 2023. Efforts will be focused on stabilising the exponential growth of the last two years: many new research and development projects, a new building to provide a safe, functional and comfortable working environment, strengthening of human capital, paths to cultivate the talent of young people, training to deepen the skills of senior employees, incentives and rewards for professional achievements and merits.”

In particular, a new Building with an area of more than 6000 sqm is being built near the Logistics Hub of Terranuova Bracciolini. “Another infrastructural investment worth more than 7 million euros” says Bernini. “We will create a Made In Italy technological centre of excellence dedicated to robotics in the heart of Tuscany: a total of 30,000 sqm of space occupied by offices, boardrooms, production and logistics areas, which be home to the various stages of conception, design, assembly and marketing of professional, increasingly intelligent robotic lawnmowers.”


There is still a lot of focus on clean energy and on a new way of saving and protecting the environment. “We are testing the production and storage of green hydrogen, namely closed-loop clean energy using renewable sources and water,” Bernini continues. “Green hydrogen has great potential for a more sustainable future, which can be used not only as a heat source in residential and industrial buildings but also, for example, in public transport.”

In an era of great transformation, ZCS is an interpreter of new market needs: digitalisation and sustainability. “We have grown a lot in recent years, and we have been able to evolve and transform without ever losing our DNA: a company made up of people who are building their future together. From north to south, from provinces to cities, from technical to administrative figures, there is a combination of passion and enthusiasm, trust and awareness, responsibility and self-reliance, talent and skills that are making a difference. Values that remain at the heart of the virtuous business project that we want to pursue,” concludes the President with pride and optimism.

ZCS's positive trend continues, with good growth prospects for 2023.

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