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An off- road series for Ambrogio robot: here is the QUAD, no Limits

An off- road series for Ambrogio robot: here is the QUAD, no Limits

A new robotic lawnmower for extreme slopes up to 75% was introduced with an international live…

Ambrogio, the Made in Italy robotic lawnmower on the market for over twenty years, designed and manufactured by Zucchetti Centro Sistemi (ZCS), enriches its new generation product range with the QUAD: the first Off Road model created for the management of extreme slopes. ZCS, leader in gardening robotics, innovation and high technology, has not given up on a grand  launch by organizing digital event.

Through  a live social network  event open to the public on a dual platform (the vision of which will remain available on the Facebook page and on the You Tube channel of Ambrogio robot), the Robotics Division of ZCS, in collaboration with two International Main Partners,  presented to its Customers to the Media and the whole world of gardening robotics, the latest addition to the Ambrogio robotic lawnmower family : QUAD Elite, available on the market starting from Spring 2021.

"Ambrogio is proud of  the widest range of products on the market, which can satisfy  any need of any type of green areas: small and large, simple, uneven, flat or  sloping” – says Paolo Burali, Sales Director of ZCS Robotics Division – “The new QUAD meets the necessities  of those who have irregular gardens with very important differences. it manages slopes up to the 75%, with a guaranteed precise and regular cut of the grass, both in the sloping and the regular areas." concludes Burali.

Let’s discover together the features that make the Quad so unique:

Powerful - Optimal management of slopes up to 75%:  thanks to its 4-steering-wheel drive and to  the double 10 Ah battery, the robot can handle extremely steep climbs and bumps and it is able to work efficiently even on the edge of the sloping garden (up to 65%). The compact dimensions -  only 53 cm per side  - and the  square shape allow the robot to be agile and efficient  on any type of ground and to move easily even in very confined spaces. Moreover, the handles positioned on the 4 sides make it safe and easy to transport.

High-performance - 4- steering wheel drive: the robot has a high level of efficiency thanks to  a traction wheel motor for each steering module, which allows the steering  towards the driving direction of the robot. QUAD Elite cuts in any direction, without performing risky maneuvers on slopes or near the perimeter wire.

Intelligent - Obstacle detection with RADAR: the intelligent recognition sensors allow the robot to learn and memorize the obstacles in the garden remotely, without any  need of defining the area with a perimeter wire.

Trees, flower beds, chairs and other objects present on the mowing surface will be recognized by the Radar featured on the QUAD which will then avoid them: all this translates into less shocks (preserving the wear of the robot), reduced installation costs (less areas to be delimited with the perimeter wire), and higher security.

"QUAD is able to cover areas up to 3,500 square meters, but with the integration of the + InfinitySystem it can handle much more than that “ Burali says “The QUAD is also equipped, like any other NEXT line model, with on board high technology: advanced navigation systems, Touchscreen Display, ZCS Connect (to remotely interact with the robot anytime and anywhere), GPS and voice assistants compatibility (Smart Assistant). "

 Thanks to its structural and technical features (quality of materials, long work cycles, sensors, etc...), QUAD combines design and technological innovation together with environmental awareness.

In fact, Zucchetti Centro Sistemi has been pursuing for long the strategy of the circular economy: an efficient use of resources, with the creation of smart and eco-sustainable products with low environmental and energy impact. The Ambrogio range is among the longest-lived on the market: products that can be repaired, updated, with long warranty times and qualified after sale services.

Ambrogio is the robotic lawnmower made by robot specialists, for those who want to have a true expert who takes care of their garden.

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