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Major structural investments for Zucchetti Centro Sistemi

Major structural investments for Zucchetti Centro Sistemi

A new Logistics Hub and renovated branches for the Valdarno-based company, a leader in innovation 

Grand openings at Zucchetti Centro Sistemi (ZCS): September saw the inauguration of the brand-new Logistics Hub in Terranuova Bracciolini and two new branches in Perugia and Cagliari for the Software division.

The ZCS Logistics Hub is an industrial redevelopment work and will house the products of the Robotics and Green Innovation Divisions, which deal respectively with lawnmower robots and photovoltaic inverters, batteries, charging stations and accessories. The facility consists of an indoor area of 27,000 cubic metres and has about 3,300 pallet spaces with 4 loading bays for articulated lorries and curtain side vans. The goods are managed by means of three-sided trucks, capable of handling heights of up to 10.5 metres. 

The outside area of the structure features vertical gardens, consisting of 150 planters, 300 star jasmine plants and a 2,000 sqm yard with 15 holm oak trees.  In addition, the energy needed by the building is produced and stored by ZCS Azzurro photovoltaic and storage systems, which can produce 150 Kw of peak power and 125 Kwh of storage power. This makes the building energy self-sufficient.

The new building represents a major structural investment in technologies with low environmental impact in the Valdarno area,” says ZCS President Cav. Lav.  Fabrizio Bernini.It will house the goods and products of the two company divisions that are driving the strong growth of the ZCS Group.”

Compared to the current volumes of the robotics division, the new Logistics Hub will increase the potential for storing goods by over 70% and shipping by 160%. This will allow us to significantly streamline the logistics operations,” reports Massimiliano Girolami, Production Operations Manager of the ZCS Robotics Division.

“We will be able to bring the outsourced logistics activities completely back to the company,” says Ilaria Chianucci, Operations Manager of the Green Innovation Division. “This new space will allow us to handle large flows of goods with in-house personnel:  an average of 400 pallets, more than 15 containers arriving per week and the various daily departures.”

The new Perugia branch occupies 186 sqm of floor space in the centre of the Ponte San Giovanni industrial area, and is an important innovation and digitalisation hub for companies in Umbria.

Thanks to the composition of the teams, ZCS’s branch in Perugia provides a comprehensive consulting service for the management of business and operational applications, as well as HR management projects,” says Arianna Sacchetti, Software Division Manager.Moreover, its location makes it a nerve centre for ZCS's Lazio and Southern Italian markets, as well as the Adriatic market due its proximity to Emilia Romagna, Marche and Abruzzo.

The 240-sqm, two-storey Cagliari branch is located on the main road linking Cagliari to its airport, a strategic hub for the entire Sardinian economy. The Branch has strong expertise in HCM and HRM projects, thanks to its team’s decades of experience. In the field of Business Management and Vertical Software applications, the branch can count on daily contact with the other two ZCS Sardinian branches of Nuoro and Sassari, which develop management know-how in the Sardinian industrial sector. Zucchetti Centro Sistemi’s widespread presence in the area and full range of software and consulting services offered makes it the most important management company in Sardinia.

The ZCS branches in Perugia and Cagliari hold several human resources management projects nationwide. They represent two geographical and operational reference points of the ZCS People Network, Zucchetti HR's leading centre of excellence in Italy. Thanks to these two branches, ZCS People is able to bring the Human Revolution to the whole of central and southern Italy, as well as Sardinia.

These structural investments are also joined by major investments in human capital (+11% compared to the same period last year). There is also a climate of confidence and enthusiasm due to the strong growth forecasted for 2021.

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