Food Innovation, between Big Data & IoT
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Food Innovation, between Big Data & IoT

In the Age of Digital, technological innovation, as other sectors, also the Food is opening its doors to this revolution. Regarding our country, is referred to as agro-food, we are talking about a sector that is worth 13% of the Italian GDP, with a value of over 130 billion euro (2015 ISTAT data) and has a market share at global level of 3%. It is one of the leading sectors in Italy and is also one of the sectors that is proving to know how to renew, especially as regards communication and marketing. Just think about social media and how some channels are revealing as most suitable ones for a "visual" communication, exciting and engaging. From this point of view channels such as Instagram or Pinterest are functional.

But the Food industry is introducing a number of technological innovations that are useful to "innovate" and to make the sector more and more up to date. And this is reflected in the realization of projects aimed at improving the food security. Until now there are software and digital tools that enable traceability of food products with the possibility to share information and data in real time. From this point of view the Big Data play an increasingly significant role, considering that the Internet of Things is a phenomenon that is affecting the Food.

All the food production cycle, supply, production and the provision of food give a large amount of data and now these same data, thanks to the monitoring and analysis tools, are able to provide information such as to help making the process safer, optimizing resources. Thanks always to the Big Data, it is possible to improve the whole Food distribution sector and from this point of view the IOT, with the production of devices that are capable of transmitting real-time information for example on vehicular safety or usury, it is definitely important for the optimization of processes and to save resources.

Zucchetti Centro Sistemi talks about Innovation in the Food sector at CIBUS, the International Food Exhibition, one of the largest in the world, on 2016, May, the 12th in a workshop entitled "Food Innovation" which will be an opportunity to go into the topic, to know high-tech and innovative vertically integrated software solutions which guarantee traceability, security and control for the different food sectors, and also to learn some interesting cases. An opportunity not to be missed to have a concrete demonstration of what is meant by Food Innovation!

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