The 4 elements that enables the smart organization
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The 4 elements that enables the smart organization

As we have often told here on our blog, Innovation and Technology are “invading” more and more companies. Today those who do not believe in innovating their own company, in making it more technological, risk to lose the market in terms of competitiveness. The innovations that we are seeing in these recent times, Internet of Things, 4.0 Industry  are fundamental to make our own organization innovative, quick, fast and smart. Company organizations must therefore be able to intercept and take possession of these innovations to improve them, but there are conditions for which these same innovations can be better absorbed. We need a change in the conditions so that all this innovation, all this knowledge can be understood and useful in terms of business.

The technological innovation we are experiencing is, as even provided by Gartner, more and more human-centric, meaning that the value of transparency will always be stronger among the organizations themselves and people. And this will be more and more evident because innovations will be increasingly fluid within the organizations and, in the workplace this will create a greater internal interaction.

Today, the new technologies allow the organizations to make their activities faster and streamlined and even measuring the effectiveness of strategies put on the ground and of results in relation to the business goals become easier. In order the organizations can adopt a SMART model, we need essential elements in terms of organization. Here they are:

EXPERTISE: adopting strategies and thus innovations that enable the company to specialize. This allows to understand on what scale the organization is able to compete.

MEASUREMENT: adopting tools that allow the company to know the moment in which the objectives have been achieved and measuring them. A “mind predisposition” that always allows to know the situation and be able to intervene as works are in progress and correct them, if necessary.

RELEVANCE: setting goals in order to make them relevant and clear for everybody.

PROGRAMMING: having goals is important for sure, but even fixing deadlines, that is determining a period within which to act, is important as well.

These are the 4 elements that once adopted, will make your organization a “Smart one”. A model that will allow you to bring your company to a higher level of operational effectiveness.

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