4.0 Industry – even in Italy we are starting to get serious
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4.0 Industry – even in Italy we are starting to get serious

The 4.0 industry phenomenon begins to take more and more ground in Italy and the recent plan of investment prepared by the government is the true proof. Before seeing the plan in detail and before knowing any aspect, we try to understand where this 4.0 industry, also known as Smart Factory, comes from.

The 4.0 industry phenomenon defines the era of Digitized Industry,  the one that comes after the first Industrial Revolution; then followed by the mass production and the series production; followed again by the computerized and automated industry.

And here we are in the connected era, the one that presents the production process with “smart machines” linked to the network with devices that allow the collection of data representing a real treasure of information to be known and explored.

And those who today are able to understand these data, can be competitive on the market more than the others. Nowadays even speed through which you move inside this context is relevant and in perpetual motion.

We have been talking of the new Industrial Revolution for 5 years and the phenomenon is about to catch on in our country and understand that investing in technology and innovation, digitizing some production processes is now vital to be competitive and able to improve our business. And the recent investment plan presented by the government is one of the most ambitious plans in Europe, with 13 billion for companies between 2018 and 2024, along with the coverage of private investments born in 2017. The Internet of Things and the Cloud enter then in the Italian companies and therefore we will need new skilled people.

In fact one of the consequences the 4.0 Industry involves the creation of new professions such as: regulatory affairs, business analyst, Hse specialist, designer engineer, connectivity, cyber security specialist, business intelligent analyst, data scientist, data specialist. All these professions are useful to understand the great deal of data that the companies will have to treat as well as, downside, in terms of privacy and safety. The risk is that 4.0 Industry is faster than the creation of these same figures that begin to appear in our country. From this point of view the government’s plan provides appropriate training courses.

The 4.0 industry is now the phenomenon that characterizes the era we live in. The digitized and web-like industry is the present and the future, and the same is for PMIs, the most fruitful field in our country, which will have the opportunity to focus on the innovation of their companies to return to be protagonists.

And in order to promote and spread the culture of innovation, Zucchetti Centro Sistemi is one of the organizers of the' INNOVATION WEEK from 24th to 27th October four meetings on different topics inside productive excellencies of the south of Tuscany (Arezzo, Siena and Grosseto). A new format to promote the culture of innovation in the company.

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