MY Industry 4.0 by Fabrizio Bernini
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MY Industry 4.0 by Fabrizio Bernini

The fourth industrial revolution has begun and the entrepreneurs, like me, can’t give up the opportunity to think about the future of our businesses; we must innovate if we want to compete and grow. At the end of '700 the first processes of mechanization began, which then became industrialization and automation in the twentieth century; evolution is still ongoing and we are now in the middle of the digitalization era.

Italian companies need to grasp the full potential of new digital technologies and introduce them in processes, services and infrastructures in order to remain competitive internationally.

Internet of things, cloud, advanced automation, big data, 3D printing, nanotechnology, such as sensors, rfid tags etc. represent the future of the industry. Use the smart technologies inside our business means greater efficiency and flexibility: reduce manufacturing and logistics costs up to 20%, contract working capital and indirect costs (maintenance)  up to 30%. At the same time can also increase the flow and the speed of information, track and monitor internal processes, ensure security and control.

The industry model 4.0, born in Germany and supported by the German establishment, however, must be reviewed and adapted to the Italian manufacturing companies in a context of new strategic and industrial policies. It remains a delicate process of transformation for our micro, small and medium enterprises which aims in the long run to an improvement in business performance while today requires a great effort in terms of investment and management of cultural organizational and generational change. The investment in technology is not enough; innovation of production systems goes mainly through people as a competitive and distinctive factor.

In order to promote and spread the culture of innovation in our manufacturing area, we have organized the INNOVATION WEEK, October 24-27, four meetings on various topics in productive excellence of southern Tuscany (Arezzo, Siena and Grosseto).

I firmly believe that the combination of Italian creativity with the intelligent adoption of new technologies will allow us to achieve, in the near future, results of manufacturing excellence and to relive a new industrial renaissance.

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