Food: the 3 areas which will be the focus of Innovation
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Food: the 3 areas which will be the focus of Innovation

As mentioned before, even the Food is opening up to the Innovation. One of the most important sectors for the economy of our country is opening its doors to the ideas and tools that today's technology offers to improve and to be healthier and more efficient. To date there are already many examples that show how the food is advancing along this road, with evident benefits.

In an effort to identify what innovations can give benefits to the world of food, we have selected some of them, according to what are the reality and the actual experience. One way to also identify the areas to which there is more dwelling, in this context.


It is the area on which we are focusing more, for obvious reasons. Today the consumer is more  demanding, therefore wants to be informed of all the phases involved in the production, also to know what the product contains inside. The technology from this point of view offers several solutions that allow to trace all the steps, providing all appropriate information.

It is a key aspect, at this stage, which ensures more transparency and security to the end user. It is important for the company to have the possibility to intervene in a more adequate way when it is required, therefore with a considerable saving of resources.

The Traceability, Tracing and Transparency concepts are representing now for the companies a new way to communicate, a new strategy to offer a product on the market, focused on safety, value and quality.

Packaging and Distribution

Among the steps of Food production process there are also Packaging and Distribution. Today, thanks to a series of sensors placed on the various means and also on the different packaging, these are able to provide essential information to improve the processes.

Smart kitchen

It is the field of smart appliances, those which "speak" and provide information even leading us in preparing food. In addition to this, the smart appliances will be able to collect information about how we shop. A not too far away vanguard.

These are the three areas that we have identified, for now. The innovation process goes on and certainly invests other Food’s areas and consequently we return to this subject.

Zucchetti Centro Sistemi will talk about Innovation in the Food sector at CIBUS, the International Food Exhibition, one of the largest in the world, today on 2016, May, the 12th in a workshop entitled "Food Innovation" which will be an opportunity to go into the topic, to know high-tech and innovative vertically integrated software solutions which guarantee traceability, security and control.

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