When Fashion rhymes with Innovation
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When Fashion rhymes with Innovation

In the digital transformation process currently under way in our country, the Fashion world cannot shy away, of course. The Digital revolution is still a great opportunity that Italian companies must seize not only to evolve in terms of Innovation and Technology, but also to improve and better manage the company’s processes, to make better decisions and to open towards new markets as well. 

Lately, a positive trend has been registered in our country as regards the digitalization process in Italy: +1.7% the positive evolution of companies in the IT sector that will drive the evolution of the markets, and +2.7% the software growth according to some Assintel data concerning 2015. The budgets allocated to the evolution of the companies have improved too: +37% in 2016, compared to +31% in 2015.  In Gartner’s forecast, revenues are expected to grow by 80% globally starting from 2020 thanks to the implementation of the digital strategies. IDC believes that companies boosting their digital initiatives and actions will double, from 22% currently to 50% as of 2020.

Innovation for companies today means to have an opener approach to all that can “renew” their way of doing business, and then renovates the processes, changes and extends their digital innovation method, optimizes resources. But a company is really able to be innovative, to be “up to date" if can develop the concept of INNOVATION as corporate culture, involving employees and collaborators and making them feel as "innovators"  and "creatives", able to make a strong added value to the business.

The concept of creativity binds perfectly to the fashion world, including textiles, apparel, footwear, leather and leather goods, with EUR62 billion sales in 2015 and a +1.4% growth compared to the previous year. This is a relevant sector in our country, which contributes to driving our economy. In the latest years, this sector has definitely embraced the driving force of Innovation to optimize the company organization and, thus, to make processes more efficient. During these days, from April 20th to 22nd, in Florence  IT4Fashion, one of the most awaited events in the sector, represents the occasion to discover what Innovation and Technology can offer to the world of Fashion today.

Three days of meetings, debates and discussions to connect innovation professionals and companies with the most important brands in the world of fashion, to understand and analyse the cutting-edge tools designed for this sector. Talks will focus on manufacturing processes, the management of logistics platforms, quality monitoring, product traceability and the omnichannel issue too, with the point of sale being the final moment in the life cycle of a fashion product. The goal is to attain an ongoing reduction in the time required to produce a product, to minimize the distance between the development of a new collection and the moment when it arrives in store, intending both the physical space and, more and more, the virtual shop.

IT4Fashion will also be attended by Zucchetti Centro Sistemi with a number of special tools for the fashion world. They will also feature ERP Teseo 7 Fashion, a complete management software for apparel, leather goods and footwear companies.


 ERP Teseo 7 Fashion is a Fashion-specific software that allows the optimization of logistics flows thanks to the integration with automation and automatic management tools in the warehouse. Here are some of the product’s features:

  • Easy to use: just a few clicks and you get the information you need;
  • Modularity to provide all the management tools required by an apparel company;
  • Versatility: it supports all the characteristics of the fashion companies, from apparel to footwear.

You can discover the product at Manifattura Tabacchi during IT4Fashion (3 days). You can also request a demo by clicking on this link.

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