Big Data and Human Resources, and if the numbers would help the people to work better?
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Big Data and Human Resources, and if the numbers would help the people to work better?

In the collective imagination the term Big Data evokes futuristic scenarios: colossal servers, closed in mysterious basements, put there to analyze all of our behaviors, to predict our purchasing intentions and the big financial movements in the coming decades. The Big Data are certainly not like this. The development and the simultaneous correlation of Petabytes has been existing in our technological awareness for some years now and has reached the right maturity to become the best tool to improve people’s lives, who work together and pursue common goals.

The Human Resources function is surely among the first to be involved in this technological revolution.

For example we can think about the selection processes and their Big Data, the Talent Analytic: data relating to the professional careers, performance, skills, remuneration, involvement, training and much more, data and numbers, that if well-read and cross-checked , lead to the choice of the right person for the right role.

Once the resource is chosen, the Company needs to preserve its potential: in this regard some case studies already exist about the variables related to motivate the collaborator in order to identify concrete measures to preserve the emotional strength, encouraging the attitudes and the participation of the collaborator.
These studies have accurately determined the trends of motivation and performance, intervening promptly to offer new opportunities or training and growth path for the collaborator.

Besides the standard HR Management, we think about other ranges of corporate wellness, first of all the Occupational Safety: in the traditional prevention system we are never quite capable to identify these signs that don’t bode well.
From this point of view Big Data and predictive data analysis can be important allies, cross checking data related to accidents, missed accidents and work activities.

The Zucchetti Centro Sistemi HR Management alongs this line: the HR Infinity modules allow to store huge amounts of information related to all areas of Human Resources Management, from both the administrative and behavioral point of view. Think, for example, about the Travel Management, that is a function often managed by Human Resources; this involves a considerable effort for the export companies, but it is absolutely the commercial success of these.
Through  ZTRavel tool, within the HR Infinity suite, it is possible to do readings, both overall and accurate, how well conceived, how it is moving the business and what are the costs that each market involves.
The Big Data are in the simplicity, in the real cases: is it really worth visiting that customer in Bangkok?

The Suite HR Infinity represents the fast and interactive container of all the Big Data generated from HR Management, information that can be interpolated and read by Business Analytics tools, first of all Infobusiness, the Business Intelligence of Zucchetti: an extremely flexible and intuitive tool, but computationally powerful and representative of business reality.

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