Why a Blog on Innovation?
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Why a Blog on Innovation?

Why start a blog that talks about Innovation today? The answer is partly included in the question itself, in the sense that a Blog plays a very important role, through which a company can talk about itself, highlighting its vision on areas of expertise. And it is now even more important to have a blog that talks about Innovation because talking about evolution is a way of keeping up with the times and discovering what the future holds. But above all, how to interpret it.

And so begins this new adventure for Zucchetti Centro Sistemi, a company with 30 years of experience as a software manufacturer but that over time has also established itself as a leader in the fields of robotics and automation.  Two fields where the growth of the “Internet of Things” (IoT) is leading to some interesting developments. These are two of the themes that we will explore and tell you about in this new adventure.

But the basic question remains, why should a company have a blog?

This is one of those questions that continue to be relevant due to widespread popularity of blogs. And in this case, the answer can be found in Zucchetti Centro Sistemi’s thirty-year history.  A company, founded in 1985, which has grown and made great progress in recent years. It is now a world leader in the fields of software, robotics and automation, with great experience and so much to offer.

But, above all, it can talk about the evolutions in Innovation and Technology, and their contribution in developing and guiding the sectors in which ZCS operates. The Internet of Things and Mobile technology are evolving rapidly, and with ZCS’s experience, we will try to interpret and discuss what the future has in store for us.

The adventure that begins today will also be an opportunity to discuss the trends and initiatives that ZCS will undertake during the year, and to get to know the company directly.

This is why Zucchetti Centro Sistemi has decided to embark on this new “blog” adventure, to talk about itself and to talk about the future.

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