Hybrid Photovoltaic Inverter, what are the advantages?

Hybrid Photovoltaic Inverter, what are the advantages?

ZCS Azzurro launches on the Renewable Energy market the HYD 3000-6000 Hybrid Inverter storage system, which is the ideal solution to optimize the energy efficiency for residential application.

We have talked about this with Riccardo Filosa, Sales Director of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi Green Innovation Division

Riccardo, what are the advantages of a hybrid photovoltaic inverter?

The hybrid system incorporates both the photovoltaic conversion and the battery charger functionality. The benefits are multiple: the first advantage is, obviously, having both functions within a single device; this means a more compact solution with a considerable space saving and the possibility to fully monitor the system, thus just a single monitoring both for the PV production and for the storage.

Don’t forget the third advantage that is the economic one: with a single device, with both functions, we can offer to the market a really competitive solution.

Which systems are suitable for a hybrid system?

A new photovoltaic installation is perfect for a hybrid system: the inverter can work either in hybrid mode or in pure PV mode. You can therefore think to build first your PV system, and then planning to implement in the future the storage functionality through the simple installation of one or more batteries.

Riccardo, can you tell us something about the new ZCS Azzurro family?

The new family includes a wide product range, with four models: 3000, 4000, 5000 and 6000 Watt, different sizes to suit everyone's needs. Moreover, the 6 kW size is the only one for an hybrid inverter in the Italian market. A distinctive feature of the Azzurro family is the Zero feed in function: the photovoltaic energy can be used to supply the domestic consumption, can be stored in the batteries and, in case of excess, it is possible to program the Inverter in order to avoid the energy injection into the grid. The ZCS Azzurro Hybrid has also embedded EPS functionality (emergency power supply) without additional external equipment, as the machine architecture integrates this function. Last but not least, Azzurro HYB can work in stand-alone mode, as a pure off-grid system .Last but not least, Azzurro HYB can work in stand-alone mode, as a pure off-grid system .

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