Avant-Garde Swimming Pools
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Avant-Garde Swimming Pools

Technological innovations, historical memories, normative novelties and trends that characterize the “never static” world of swimming pools.

A Jump into the Past

The modern swimming pool, as we know it today, is ideally born with the arrival of the twentieth century, when water filtration treatments (chlorine, sand filters etc) are introduced, allowing to have swimming pools with always clean water. So, at the end of the roaring twenties, pools and public bath are widespread in some parts of the world. But only after the post war period public pools begin to be considered as a “definite” domestic luxury status. Ever since then, architecture has been constantly engaging with this  modern fetish middle-class person and stripes the rigid lines to create innovative designs or in continuity with the landscape. In this period, iconic concepts emerge – the Donnell pool, the characteristic “bean” shaped work by the Californian designer Thomas Church is an example – and reinforce the myth.

Swimming pools for (almost) everybody

At the same time, material and technological research has never been stopped and today swimming pools are a desire object whose costs are significantly lower than in the past and offer better performances. And that not only in the United States where this handwork has steadily entered the “benefit” of middle-class homes for years. But if on one side the swimming pool was cleared on the other consumers are not satisfied with an ordinary pool to dive, they want to enjoy customizations and something more.

NEMH20: small net goodbye!

Just like for what happens with gardens, no one toady has more time to care for pool maintenance. And at this point comes into play, indeed into water, Nemh2o, the robot  that completely makes cleaning of the swimming pool automatic. Designed by Ambrogio’s creators, the new Zucchetti Centro Sistemi outcome is free to move without limits thanks to “wire-less” technology  and recharges in water by induction in an autonomous and safe way. In short, you do not even have to worry about maintenance. Nemh2o moves at ease both in domestic and Olympic pools, in presence of smooth or rough walls, corners, bends or stairs. You can also program and update it through Bluetooth with the supplied console or through the app for Smartphone and tablet.

W the Rule

At the end of 2016 UNI 10637 law on home swimming pools was finally introduced.  It regulates the minimum requirements and clarifies the concepts in a sector that has always been penalized by  old, smoky and inadequate rules.  An essential innovation to “move the static waters” of this market: according to Cnel and Assopiscine there are about 156.000 private pools in Italy, a plant out of 850 inhabitants in comparison with 1 out 105 in France and 1 out 116 in Spain. These are symptoms of a partial unexpressed business in our country that now could make the Italians invest since they have a certainty: the value of a property rises  by about 10% if there is a professional pool.

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