Safety Management System in a click
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Safety Management System in a click

For some years now I have been working in the before-sales service of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi’s safety line and the words I often hear from our future customers are “We currently have everything on Excel and our documents are in the binders behind you.”

This condition is repeated in all companies that have still not automated their Safety Management System.

What is wrong with these much-loved binders? Kilo and kilos of lifeless paper, hundreds of sheets of paper everywhere whose weight can double with water absorption or humidity, making it hard to read the signature of an employee who has trained as a forklift driver, or to check whether a protection device was delivered five years ago.

My thought always goes to the usefulness of software, and how it can make my work easier and not triple my workload: Zucchetti’s Safety system unites these two principles perfectly.

Our software directly links all the documents to the subject, so as to create a document portfolio ready to be distributed to the employee via our DMS. Therefore, it not only includes the dematerialisation of the documents, but also their distribution.

Imagine the employee Mario Rossi, who passes the medical exams requested by the company and is able to see the test results on his virtual desktop, or the training courses he attended and passed, without having to waste time going to the administration office, opening up one of the ten cabinets and searching in chronological and alphabetical order all the courses he attended.

Let’s think on an even larger scale: during an inspection, the first thing that is requested is the existence of safety management software, then all the documentation on the PPEs are requested. With Zucchetti HR Safety, you can apply a simple filter in the document section to select all the documents and immediately prepare a report that can be used by the inspector.

Lastly, let’s examine a useful function that our friend, Excel, does not have: a SMS can remind us of deadlines and alert us if someone, who may have just been hired by the personnel office or outsourced, has not done any type of training.

The HR Safety system sees and manages all the master data recorded inside the application, it manages the deadlines, and immediately recalculates them and, if a new employee is hired, reminds us with dedicated dashboards of all those obligations that the new employee has to fulfil.


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