Do you want a better world? Turn the light off
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Do you want a better world? Turn the light off

Energy saving is one of the toughest challenges of the future.Each person has increased their energy consumption 7-8 times between the first half of the XIXth and the beginning of the XXIst century (Energy transition and growth in Italy 1800-2010” - Professor Paolo Malanima) If we add to that the needs of different countries, China and India above all, are growing at dizzying pace making great use of low-efficiency technologies, soon 5 planets will not be enough to meet the needs of all. No panic, but it is a challenge to be won if we want to secure our future; that is why turning the light off is nowadays a revolutionary act.

Today our life style leads us to consume twice as much as our fathers did, almost ten times more than our great-grandparents.


The 24th February  marks the 13th day of the energy saving, this year renamed “Festival of the Energy Saving and Sustainable Life Styles”. The initiative, born in 2005 on the day the Kyoto Protocol entered into force, has grown from year to year till to become a fixed appointment to which millions of people and thousands of companies adhere. Countryside invites to turn off light  of squares, private and public buildings and asks everybody to act in a concrete way against waste and in favor of resource sharing.

A symbolic and efficient  initiative. According to Terna – the company responsible for the transmission of electric energy – the reduction of energy use in the saving days is over 400 MW, that is the consumption of millions of light bulbs. It is worth to turn off light for a day long, but it is more important to train ourselves to a conscious consumption even in the remaining 364 days of the year.  There is a set of guidelines drawn up by the promoters of the event which list small actions that each of us should do.


Since 2004 the production of renewable energy has been growing regularly and at very high speed, up to 50% in a single year, so much so that over thirty countries already meet 20 % of their energy needs thanks to such sources. A huge amount if you consider that this market did not exist last century. The tendency to use renewable energy is therefore rising even in Italy which for once is located at the top of the rankings of virtuous countries. This is just the beginning, but it is useful to convince us that it is not impossible to reverse our route. We can, and we must, everything depends on all of us.


Zucchetti Centro Sistemi has always had a “green” vision and attitude and in 2016 has inaugurated the new business unit just dedicated to renewable energies. The “Innovation Division” has been introduced into the market with ZCS Blue: the latest generation inverter that combines the computer intelligence to the advanced electronic technology. With ZCS Blue changes the way you save. The range includes single-phase (for residential systems) and three phase (ideal for companies and trade shops) solutions.

The offer is completed with the ZCS Blue solution for accumulation, ideal to optimize the energy independence in a residential area. With a rated power of 3kW and a capacity up to 10 kW, it suits every need of new plants.

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