Education and Safety Culture, is it worth continuing?
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Education and Safety Culture, is it worth continuing?

DLGS 81.2008, much has changed in nearly two decades, there was definitely a cultural and procedural growth, and now all, or almost all, have got the DVR folder that has been often stopped at the only role of “card to be shown” rather than a management tool.  All, or almost all, have provided training in the company and all, or nearly all, have purchased DPI.

The initial task of the safety deployment was acquitted. Now it lacks the completion of its development and in particular, the growth of the average level of safety in companies.

Let us ask ourselves: is it worth investing time and money in Culture and Education in the field of Security?

The answer is obvious but not trivial. It is essential to be careful on the issue of Security, with a goal as simple as crucial: safeguarding and saving people’s life. It is not only the responsibility of the experts, but of all.

The possible lack of attention on the part of those who perform daily high-risk assets, which can potentially cause harm to themselves and their colleagues, must be tempered by a constant awareness activity. And it is required a true safety culture in the company that helps to spread the vision of Security with a Company Choice, by developing greater synergy in the company and avoiding injury or risky situations connected to the failure to adopt practices.

An appropriate updated strategy of Training makes effective investments on safety by increasing  the understanding and diffusion inside the company:  it transforms Safety at Work from a legislative and compulsory compliance to a system for creating a quality working process based on better interpersonal relationships, increasing business efficiency and bringing safety in daily life or making it part of company operations.

Zucchetti Centro Sistemi has promoted for years the Culture of Security and tools that support the operation and daily management.

A Software entirely dedicated to the mapping of all implementation process of the Management System, a series of hardware tools to facilitate and stimulate the supply of DPI.

We are every day co-responsible for the quality of life of thousand workers in Italy and around the world, witnessing a cultural change that we hope it will be unstoppable.

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