On Christmas time even gifts (the technological ones) are on line
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On Christmas time even gifts (the technological ones) are on line

The Italians like online purchases and  recent surveys,  related to a research from Deloitte, point out that the phenomenon is also growing in Italy. It is expected that on Christmas 2016 the Italians who will buy on line gifts will be over 9 million registered in 2015 (7,4 million in 2014). Moreover it must be said that the growth rate on Christmas time is higher than online buyers. This means that the rate of online users willing to do their Christmas presents is now lined-up to the other European countries: 38% in Italy, 40% in the other parts of Europe.

For sure, technological gifts are among the most sought after by users even considering the several offers that can be found online on many e-commerce portals in these days. Even if It must be said that clothing, toys and books are highly searched. But let us see what the Italians look for online thanks to the data recently spread by idealo, the comparison portal which investigated better in this field. Well, the fields most searched by online consumers are:

  • Hi-Tech Sector (with a focus on Smartphone, smart watch, TV and tablets)
  • Gaming (Toys, Videogames, Gaming Accessories,  Game Remote Control)
  • Sportswear (smartband and fitness trackers included)
  • Perfumes and cosmetics
  • Small appliance

Among the possible High-Tech gifts we have to mention even Ambrogio robot, the innovative and automatic lawn mower robot by ZCS, that stands out for its strong technological tendencies: connect module to manage the robot by remote control, touch screen display and advanced cutting systems that are some of the innovations which will distinguish the 2017 Ambrogio range.

So technology which goes by the mobile to videogames, even through the "wearable" devices, also predominates on this occasion.

An element that goes back to two phenomena which have been distinguishing the Italian online shopping for some years, we are talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the two before Christmas events dedicated to online shopping. This year the search from idealo noted a 53,02% rise due to the 2016 Black Friday compared to the previous year, while the Cyber Monday had a trend similar to 2015. The most searched products on idealo between Black Friday and Cyber Monday were all related to hi-tech industry and, in the historic battle between Apple and Samsung, Huawei triumphed.

And “discounts” animate the last days for online Christmas gifts. The peak traffic of users is recorded between the first and second week of December, with 30% values higher than the average of the quarter. For many, often the laggards, the crucial weeks for online Christmas gifts are the ones before the 25th of December, despite a drop of offers of 25%.

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