The importance of being today a Digital Leader
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The importance of being today a Digital Leader

Is it useful to be leader today in the era of Digital? The answer may be "Yes, of course!". A recent research, presented during the last Success Connect Las Vegas, conducted by Oxford Economics 'Leaders 2020', confirms that today be a leader, or rather, a Digital Leader has an absolute importance for organization of the company, but there are few executives that feel like this.The research points out that only one company manager of 5 is now able to be a real Digital leader and this comes to the fact that a new leadership is emerging: more capable than the  present one, to lead the company facing the upcoming digital challenges.

The research Leaders 2020 examined 4,000 managers and employees from 21 countries, identifying what are the characteristics to be a real Digital Leader today, the characteristics that the business organizations should begin considering to improve, today and in the future , their business results.

The research shows that being Digital Leader involves:

High financial performance: 76% of interviewed managers has registered a significant growth in financial performance compared with 55% of managers considered in the sample.

Employees more and more involved and satisfied: Digital Leaders have the ability to make their co-workers and employees satisfied in the 87% of cases, compared to 63% of the other managers.

Strong leadership and more open culture: Employees who work with Digital Leaders are more likely to remain in their workplace, even if they have other job opportunities; compared to the 21% recorded in relation to other managers.

The research finds that the 80% of Digital Leader is used to make decisions based on the data (compared to the 55% of the other leaders), and the 63% is also able to take decisions real-time (compared with the 46% of others leader). Digital Leaders are more transparent in the way to act and try to involve the whole organization in decision making process.

Furthermore, the Digital Leaders see gender difference as a factor of wealth and are used to have more presence of women. Another interesting element that emerges from Leaders 2020 is that Millennials are able to reach quickly top positions in the organizations in which they operate. The 17% of Digital Leaders today are Milleannials. Soon the 50% of the workforce will be made of Millennials; they will consequently be the new managers of the future able to lead their businesses.

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