The 4 elements behind the Digital Enterprise
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The 4 elements behind the Digital Enterprise

Before entering into the detail of what makes Digital Enterprise necessary in the Digital Age, it would be better to try to give a definition of what is meant precisely by Digital Enterprise.

Digital Enterprise is nothing more than an organization, a company that makes technology a competitive advantage for its business.

So, while IT has contributed to digital development on the side of infrastructures, Digital Enterprise denotes those companies that in one way or another tried to invent, to even re-invent a model that would put technology and the digital in the centre in order to grow, or even to create what is called a "disruptive" model.

The IT department of a company, in the way we have always come to know it so far, is about to change, to evolve. In the short term it will be not just a department that is responsible for identifying the best infrastructure and solutions, but it will be the department that will have to drive the digital evolution of an organization. It is no coincidence that the figure of the CDO (Chief Digital Officer) is emerging more and more, a figure able to identify the areas to be developed to introduce solutions that contribute to evolve the business of a company, which cannot exist without Digital.

In this perspective, let’s try to find the 4elements that, today, make an organization, a Digital Enterprise, able to be more competitive.


The Cloud is now at the centre of the digital evolution of a company. If it is true that today's businesses need to be quick in decisions, if they have to give quick replies, then the Cloud becomes the necessary structure on which to start building the digital evolution of their company. Today it is essential to have at hand all the applications that make speed and rapidity of responses and decisions possible, the Cloud is a key element.


More and more people access the Internet from a mobile, with respect to "traditional" access via desktop, a clear signal of change. As a result, today's organization cannot miss the opportunity offered by the Mobile. An opportunity that initially flows from the need to make your own institutional site navigable from mobile devices. Ten by the need to develop mobile applications to make its services better available. However the Mobile goes hand in hand with the development of virtual reality, an element which will also involve company business.

Internet of Things and Internet of Everything (IoE)

The Internet of Things (IoT), as we have often mentioned, is one of the digital evolution hinges for businesses. So IoT is at the centre of the Digital Revolution that is underway. If it is true that by 2020 there will be over 25 billion connected devices, and that more than 4 billion people will be connected, then the very concept of IoT may evolve towards IoE, which is the Internet of Everything, because the evolution of Mobile and the development of the network in terms of infrastructure go in this direction. And companies have to engage this trend.

Social Media

Very often social medias are considered only from the point of view of "like" clicks, Shares, i.e. those that in jargon are called "vanity metrics". But social medias are driving the evolution of Digital Marketing and consequently the digital evolution of a company. From this point of view, with the growth of the platforms and therefore the opportunities they offer, attention should be given to the strategic role that social media has within an organization. We have to approach a logic addressed to the "lead generation" and to understand how to exploit the results that come from social media marketing strategies.

These are the 4 things that today make an organization digital, elements that fully involve all processes and all departments, from production to marketing and communications. A global digital evolution process that has to invest the entire organization.

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