CRM and Mobile, a much more stronger relationship
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CRM and Mobile, a much more stronger relationship

In the era of Mobile and IoT (Internet of Things), CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) must necessarily adapt to the times, being that specific branch of Marketing Management useful to collect and to understand better the data, always more important to decode for take actions and make better decisions. Without forgetting that in the era of Big Data, the CRM will play, starting from 2016, a role as a true protagonist.

But the strongest relationship that we see starting from this year is surely the one between CRM and Mobile and to understand better the need for greater integration between these two worlds, it is right to do a small basic consideration.

Why is it useful to have a CRM?

Before analyzing better this relationship, see why it is useful to have a CRM:

  • to improve management: manage effectively and efficiently (in order to achieve a goal, and to do in the best way) relations with clients in all sectors they are. Regardless of what you sell, the customer will always be handled in the same way. Know your products, know what products your audience prefer and those that are still not appreciated it is extremely important. And when you know this, you will have in hand a decision-making tool with infinite potential.
  • to retain: when the customer feels himself important, when his problems are noticed and solved immediately, when you have established with him a unique and direct communication, here is the moment when you understand that you have gained his trust. And if a customer appreciates all this, your attention, your way of working, then you are finalizing the most of your strategy. And for this it will be helpful to have a CRM able to help you to secure customer loyalty.
  • to sell more: have a CRM helps you to sell more. It improves the method and also improves the result. CRM will give you the trend of the sales of your products, showing you the most popular, but will also provide the opportunity to recommend other products to support the needs of your customers. Then you will be able to be more effective.

CRM and Mobile, the trend of 2016 and the next four years

The Mobile is increasingly part of everyday life of each of us and to understand this is sufficient to note that mobile devices will spread far and wide. As mobile device we mean smartphones and tablets mainly, tools that allow users to make any type of activity, including working from wherever you are. Another essential element is that users now use to surf the Internet more from Mobile than from desktop / laptop. If we look at the last Audiweb data we note that in 2015 the access to the net from the Mobile grew 7% and there are 18.5 million of Italians who use their smartphones or tablets to access the network. More specifically, the access to the Web from smartphones grew 45.3%, while this from tablets grew 83.6%.

It is clear that users are spending more time on mobile than on “ traditional devices" and signals in this direction come also from the business:

  • Some studies have shown that by 2020, then within a few years, mobile devices will represent the standard tool by which small and medium-sized companies will continue their action preferring those to desktops and laptops.
  • Starting from this year, all company profiles in charge for sales will access to reference applications only from their smartphone or tablet and mobility will be the priority to be pursued in relation to the savings  cost and high productivity that it allows to reach.
  • In 2016 the relationship between CRM and Mobile, therefore the app made for its use of the software from mobile devices, will see an increase of 500%. A figure that clearly tells us how much CRM is now increasingly important for SMEs.

The CRM will be increasingly strategic for corporate choices and now you can no longer leave aside Mobile, one more reason why this will be the real trend of 2016 and the coming years.

Even Zucchetti Centro Sistemi is in the forefront with Cassiopeia CRM, the software created for the management of all information related to customers, suppliers and contacts for the sales and marketing departments. It is also connected with an App that allows an easy access to the software at any time.

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