In 2018 the garden becomes more and more Smart
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In 2018 the garden becomes more and more Smart

The main market trends are linked to digitalisation, the Internet of Things, Clouds, connectivity, but also the personalisation and flexibility of the functions of smart products.

For companies this means exploiting the full potential of new digital technologies and introducing them into their processes, services and infrastructures to remain internationally competitive. For the consumer, however, it means improving the quality of one's life by giving oneself more time whilst trying to save money when purchasing, with the possibility of achieving maximum personalisation of smart products with regard to one's habits and needs.

For the Z generation (post millennials), product personalisation is therefore an undisputed fact. Among younger people in particular, there is a growing desire to buy technology based on individual preferences and connect all and any object to the network with the Internet of Things and Cloud services.

ZCS interprets and evolves the concept of customisation with a new line of robotic lawnmowers, the revolutionary NEXT line, the Z generation of Ambrogio totally projected into the future that anticipates the need for customisation. The NEXT line features 2 Ambrogio 4.0 models that can be used on different robotic lawnmowers: modular, adaptable to suit different garden requirements, user-friendly, equipped with smart batteries, up to the new on board smart technologies that allow you to manage and control the robot wherever you are.

Understand if and how it is working, set and modify times and work areas, check the location: interact with your robot, always and wherever you are, via your smartphone.And then we enter the modularity age: thanks to the Power Unit KITS, each user can create his own robot and subsequently modify it depending on the needs and characteristics of the garden that have changed over time. A robot suitable for small areas can easily be turned a lawnmower that covers larger spaces, without any need to change the robot. These are some of the user related benefits.

If we then add the fact that this new smart product transforms the concept of warehousing, logistics and support services, we are faced with the first digital era garden robot that speaks the language of the future perfectly.

With ZCS solutions, we are increasingly connected to the future!

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