3 Rules for a perfect lawn all year long
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3 Rules for a perfect lawn all year long

Luca Sardella, the well-known Broadcast on Rete4, lists some useful tools to have a perfect lawn all year long.

Luca, welcome to our ZCSBlog dedicated to Innovation. Let's start asking you what we should do to have perfect lawn all year long?

To have a beautiful, thick and green lawn all year long, you need to stick to 3 simple rules: watering often, using slow release fertilizers and cutting the grass constantly.

Explain us  better how to ensure optimum water supply to the lawn.

It is essential that the ground  remains  always fresh. To ensure the right amount of water, I suggest to  have an irrigation system. It is better to use the irrigation system early in the morning and in the evening after sunset, never during the central and warmer hours of the day, when the green is more subject to sunburn.

What can you tell us about fertilization?

I advise you to use slow release fertilizers, that guarantee grass roots and plants the right amount of nutrients and only when they really need it.
 In particular, selected fertilizers must be rich of: nitrogen, which pushes grass growth; Phosphorus, to ensure accretion and rooting and finally microelements such as iron and calcium to ensure bright green coloring on the lawn.

In your opinion, how does the cut affect the beauty of the lawn?        

If we want a beautiful lawn, the frequency of cut is really important. Sometimes, for laziness or lack of time we are unable to do this activity on a weekly basis. So it happens that the lawn becomes loose, spots are formed, grass  gets thinner and looses color. To have a lawn always nice and well cared , I suggest Ambrogio Robot, the robot of Zucchetti Centro Sistemi: tireless, ecological and silent.

Ambrogio cuts the lawn steadily and cuts the grass with a Mulching effect:  the grass becomes rich in chlorophyll, phosphorus (for roots), nitrogen (for grass growth) and microelements are falling on the grass. This process keeps the soil fresh, and therefore needs less water and fertilizer.

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