It designs, produces and distributes innovative high-technology robots, since 2000, built by combining know-how and professional skills in mechatronics. Its flagship product is the automatic lawn mower Ambrogio, with models that meet all garden requirements and difficulties and the revolutionary swimming pool cleaner robot Nemh2o.

Since 2000, we have been designing, manufacturing and distributing innovative hi-tech robots such as Ambrogio, our most popular and internationally recognised product. We have dozens of models to meet the most varied and demanding gardening needs. The new Next Line speaks the language of the future: flexible, modular, intuitive, equipped with smart batteries and inductive or wireless charging. It also comes with a ZCS Connect smart device that allows managing and controlling the robot anywhere and anytime. You can find out if and how it is working, set and change the working hours and areas, receive the latest firmware updates, check the location: interact with your robot anytime and anywhere with your smartphone. And let’s not forget that Ambrogio Robot loves and respects nature.
Innocenti Massimo

Innocenti Massimo Division Manager - RBD

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