The future of Business hinges on Augmented Reality too
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The future of Business hinges on Augmented Reality too

The future of business, communication and marketing lies in Augmented Reality. Or let’s say, also in Augmented Reality. A technology that has grown exponentially in the last 5 years and has not yet reached its maximum. It is estimated that the Augmented Reality market will be worth over 30 billion dollars by 2020. But what is Augmented Reality and how does it differ from Virtual Reality?

Augmented Reality is a technology used to enrich human sensory perception through information not normally perceptible. We are currently in a historical stage where Augmented Reality is definitely more widespread than Virtual Reality; also because the latter is truly in its initial stages and there are few examples of use in business. But Augmented reality can become a valid Business and Collaboration tool. A technology enabling a number of innovations to help companies pursue their goals better and improve work quality.

It is not by chance that more and more companies are integrating Augmented Reality into their work and processes. Take, for example, the “wearable device” phenomenon and Wearable Technology. From this point of view Google Glasses were more of a “mass” example showing us the real implications of Augmented Reality for business and for all the resulting applications. HoloLens, the Microsoft visors on sale in the USA for a few days now at 3 thousand dollars, follow in this wake. Facebook, the colossus founded by Mark Zuckerberg is now going for Augmented reality. Just think of its recent acquisition of MSQRD, an application enabling users to apply masks and filters to their images, photos and videos. 

And not to mention the Pokémon Go phenomenon which has, globally, shown everyone the true potential of Augmented Reality.

A phenomenon with 15 million downloads in just two weeks proving that a gaming operation can become a powerful business action. In fact, many companies, especially in the food and reception sector, have decided to throw themselves into the business.

Augmented Reality has its maximum expression through what’s Mobile. It aims to offer an immersive experience by enriching information with 3D and virtual graphic elements. There are umpteen possible applications. For example, we have companies in the building sector that use wearable tools like glasses to offer employees useful, better plant maintenance information. The same operation can be managed by remote control. Remote control applications can be implemented for company meetings. Examples that go towards better workplace collaboration.

So, the future of business hinges on Augmented Reality too, and we need to be ready.

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  1. Bravo Francesco Russo e grazie, continua a parlarne, anch’io entusiasta attendo l’evoluzione, sono certo possa aumentare la comprensione(mood) nella babele dei messaggi.
    Nonostante l’euforia intravedo una possibile assuefazione e questo mi desta preoccupazione.
    Siamo tutti preparati psicologicamente a questa tecnologia? Sono consapevoli le aziende distributrici del prodotto degli aspetti su caratteri estremamente deboli?
    Voglio credere che si siano posti tutte le domande(e risposte) necessarie per non nuocere agli utilizzatori.

Commenti (1)
Commenti (1)
  1. Grazie Mirco del commento. La sfida vera che ci attende, e che attende le imprese, è proprio quella di riuscire a vedere le opportunità che offre questo tipo di tecnologia. Siamo ancora agli inizi, questo è vero, non parlerei ancora di possibile assuefazione con i dati che danno il mercato in crescita. Esistono ancora tante applicazioni di RA poco conosciuti, molto più efficaci e utili, anche se poi è sufficiente Pokémon Go per parlare di avanzata della tecnologia. Sono fiducioso per il futuro smile

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